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Empowering women through education

College Of Education

COLLEGE OF Education

Compulsory Subjects

  • System of Education and Reformation of Society through Education
  • Developing Learner and Facilitating Learning
  • Current Trends in Education

Elective Papers

  • Human Rights Education
  • Peace Education
  • Guidance and Counseling
  • Inclusive Education


  • Commerce Education
  • Hindi Education
  • English Education
  • Social Science Education
  • Science and Technology Education Mathematics Education
COURSES details
  • Semester I
    Theory of Design I Graphics I
    Workshop I Techniques of Construction & Services I
    History of Art & Design I Verbal & Graphical Communication Skills I
  • Semester II
    Theory of Design II Graphics II
    Workshop II Techniques of Construction & Services II
    History of Art & Design II Verbal & Graphical Communication Skills II
  • Semester III
    Theory of Design III Interior Design I
    Workshop III Techniques of Construction & Services III
    History of Furniture Design Estimation & Specification
    Verbal & Graphical Communication Skills III
  • Semester IV
    Theory of Design IV Interior Design II
    Landscape Design Techniques of Construction & Services IV
    Furniture Design I Professional Practices
    Graphical Communication IV
  • Semester V
    Interior Design III Techniques of Construction & Services V
    Advance Services Furniture Design II
    Working Drawings I Graphical Communication V
  • Semester VI
    Interior Design IV Techniques of Construction & Services VI
    Advance Services II Furniture Design III
    Project & Business Management Graphical Communication VI
    Dissertation Techniques & Presentation





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