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College Of Nursing

Principal Message


It is a matter of pride to be a Nurse in the present millennium the nurses are faced with the challenges of advancing technology, informatics system, modern demands and development. We the nursing professionals expect our students to equip themselves with uptodate knowledge,skills and the right attitude to meet professional’s demands of our society. At the same time we should not forget that Nursing is caring profession and the care must be given with compassion,dedication with dignity to human beings sick or well. The revised Nursing curriculum has become more practice oriented through prolonging the training period and introducing internship. Nursing professionals commands the same respect as that of any profession. Students Nurses are expected to understand their role and contribution in improving image of the profession in the society. On my special message I would like to add that students who have chosen Nursing profession, which require scientific knowledge, logical thinking and compassion in caring of Consumers at health care setting. It is a profession which provide you skills to care self, your family member and community at large.

The hard work you put during your learning which will strengthen you to meet the challenges throughtout your life. Your timely decision and nursing intervention would help to save a precious life of many. My advice to candidate that choose the profession which suits your personality and you have insight for the course, So that you can give your hundred percent.

Dr.(Mrs.) G.S. Reddy
College of Nursing