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Fashion Design

Principal’s Message

Research is the innermost urge and the eternal journey of human soul till attainment of supreme destination, the complete enlightment.

World of Design inspires the quest of creative seed within, where the aesthetics & science blends. It’s a journey of thought, flight of imagination into action to achieve the knowledge, experience of beauty till ecstasy. As our journey is from point as a whole and whole as a point exists from mother’s womb through the finger of the mentor (Guru) in an awesome realm of cosmic womb of Mother Nature. The continuance of creative process fills charm & enchantment in divine music which becomes pure essence of blessed human life. As body itself is a garment to the soul, where yarns of veins, tissues & fibers dyed in blood woven to create fine texture of skin delivering natural fabric, surface ornamented with hair, hence a challenge to the designers, scientists to compete with the creator remains eternal journey of infinity.

Artists and designers and researchers role is not only to serve pleasant comforts with higher level of intitutive awareness but also to keep an eye and protection on their design world leaving the attachment apart with self creation remaining an observer as the Supreme does, he remains creator, preserver, destroyer, and apart from that an observer, hence artists & designers play the same role as God does in the universe. The difference remains is again a point and as a whole.

Stone walls do not a prison make,

Not iron bars a cage,

Brightest in dungeon, liberty the Art & Design.

Education is that, liberates. Education is the life of a Nation and no Nation is complete without Art & Design.

I welcome all the researchers, budding artists, designers to think of their identity to bloom in the Eden of design, art and research world.

Mr. Hemant Kaushik

College of Fashion Design





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